Pregnant Edwardsburg woman sentenced to prison

Published 2:03 pm Friday, November 5, 2021

CASSOPOLIS – An Edwardsburg woman was sentenced to prison in Cass County Circuit Court Friday after being convicted on drug charges.

Nicole Marie Pegan, 34, of Irving Drive in Edwardsburg, pleaded guilty to delivery of meth and was sentenced to 72 months to 20 years in prison. She has credit for 78 days served and must pay $1,548 in fines and costs.

She also pleaded guilty to possession of meth and was sentenced to a concurrent prison term of 23 months to 10 years. She has credit for 78 days already served and must pay $68 in fines and costs. She pleaded guilty to use of meth in another incident and was sentenced to credit for two days served and $375 in fines and costs.

The delivery and possession of meth incident occurred Nov. 20, 2020, in Edwardsburg. The use of meth incident occurred June 14, 2021, also in Edwardsburg.

Assistant Prosecutor Thomas Hubbert noted that drugs have had a very clear impact on Pegan’s life. He said that she has had a number of children removed from her care and her parental rights terminated. She was given the chance for adult treatment court but violated program terms within a week.

Defense attorney Greg Feldman reported that Pegan is pregnant and due in December. He asked for a sentence that would allow her to have her child and then turn herself into the court to start her sentence. He said he hoped that she would be able to get in a prison boot camp program.

Pegan said that her children had kept her grounded and she has been in trouble since she lost her children.

“I just want to keep one of my kids to keep me grounded and not do drugs to fill that void,” she said. “I messed up, and I regret it.”

Cass County Circuit Judge Mark Herman told Pegan that she needs to straighten her life around and address her drug addiction.

“You either have to address your drug problem or expect to spend the rest of your life in prison,” he said.