LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Another perspective

Published 2:14 pm Friday, November 5, 2021

I would like to submit my personal opinions and comments to the story concerning the Niles Macinos fighting to stay open.

A good business owner would know exactly when his lease ended. A good business owner would contact his landlord two, if not three, months before the lease expired to begin the process of lease renewal. A business owner looking to be successful would have called and emailed the landlord every single day until the lease expiration date if the landlord was not responding. A competent business owner would have acquired an attorney just before the lease expiration to fight for his business if he was continually ignored. A good business owner would know that after the lease agreement ends, the tenancy becomes month to month, hence giving much more power back to the landlord. Mr. Thrash admits the lease had already expired when the landlord contacted him about renewal. The landlord would have been one hundred percent in the right to give Mancinos a 60-day notice to be out of the building. They did not. I do not know if Mr. Thrash and his landlord had anymore discussions than he stated but, I’m very sour towards Mr. Thrash’s I’m the victim mentality. When he himself admits he let his lease expire leading to the month to month tenancy. Mr. Thrash goes on to say, I’ll own my own business but not in this community. The I’m going take my ball and go home statement worsens his position as he contradicts his own wife’s statements about her love for her customers and the support the community has shown them since the restaurants opening. I feel bad for the situation the business and its loyal customer base is in, but I do not feel bad for the business owner and his actions leading to the situation.

Kyle Smith