Cass County Parks receives Gateway grant

Published 3:35 pm Tuesday, October 19, 2021

CASS COUNTY — For more than 10 years, accumulated fallen trees and other natural debris had made the Dowagiac River waterway impassable from Arthur Dodd Memorial Park to Pucker Street.

Thanks to a $4,050 grant from the Gateway Foundation, kayakers, canoers and fishermen are now able to float down the river from Dodd Park to Pucker Street.

“This stretch of river is still a technical section of the river with many curves that require advanced maneuvering
skills. Safety precautions such as wearing lifejackets should be followed as you traverse this beautiful stretch of river,” said Parks Director Scott Wyman

The Michigan Gateway Community Foundation is a nonprofit Michigan corporation organized with a vision to create a strong, vibrant, caring community.  Serving southern Berrien County and all of Cass County, the Foundation’s mission statement is “Fostering a community of philanthropy, for good, forever.”

Wyman said the grant was generous.

“[the grant] allowed for a professional team to go in and remove a labyrinth of tangled debris that community volunteers were not able to do,” he said. “And we owe our sincere thanks to the landowners that were affected by this removal, as without their approval, this could not have been accomplished.  We would also like to thank Marcy Hamilton of the Southwest Regional Planning Commission for writing the grant on behalf of the Cass County Parks.”