Niles Township searching for new DPW employees

Published 12:50 pm Wednesday, September 29, 2021

NILES TOWNSHIP — At a recent meeting, Niles Township Board of Trustees members were thinking about the future of its employees.

At a special meeting hosted Tuesday morning, the board accepted the resignation of Department of Public Works Field Tech Jason Antus, effective Oct. 5, and voted to advertise the job opening to begin the search for his replacement.

“The reason we are having a special meeting is that, obviously, today is Tuesday, and we are not going to have a meeting until Monday [Oct. 4],” said Treasurer Jim Ringler. “Rather than wait until Monday to even get a vote in, he needs to be replaced. … We need to get the process started.”

“We are just here to get approval to move forward,” added Clerk Terry Eull. “This needs to be done.”

Both motions were passed unanimously.

The board also voted to advertise the position of DPW office manager. Current office manager Deb Walters remains in her position, but board members reported she had asked them to seek her replacement, as she is looking to retire and would like to train a replacement before she does.

“You can wait until she puts in her two weeks’ notice or you can be proactive on this,” Ringler said prior to the vote.

Eull and Trustee Chris Vella encouraged the board to be actively involved in the search for a new office manager and to be thinking of ways to make the position better suited to meet the township’s needs.

“All things need to be taken into consideration, then we need to build on that and make it a better position,” Eull said. “I think the board should be a part of that whole process. If we are going to rebuild that department, then let’s have everyone be a part of it.”

“We need everyone’s input,” Vella added.

Board members reported they expected the search for both positions to take time, as employers across the country are having a difficult time filling positions due to an ongoing labor shortage.

“If you think the pool out there is so big you are going to have 50 great people show up, good luck,” Ringler said.