Niles Housing Commission moves to make improvements, stabilize funding into the future

Published 8:35 am Monday, September 27, 2021

NILES — Approval of a Request for Proposal designed to make improvements and stabilize operational funding for public housing in the city, will be made to the Niles Housing Commission Board of Directors on Monday. The RFP invites contractors to submit proposals for operating the HUD funded properties, including but not limited to ongoing maintenance and repairs.

“This is an accepted and prudent way to ensure our public housing continues to have the good reputation and the financial means to rehabilitate, repair and maintain our properties,” said Sanya Vitale, chair of the Niles Housing Commission. “We will work with all of our tenants to minimize and eliminate disruption as we move forward. And our 7-story plaza is not going anywhere. In fact, the plaza will be seeing improvements.”

Earlier this year, the Niles Housing Commission held multiple meetings with public housing residents to explain the change in operations and to ensure people knew that Commission staff would be working closely with them as the change is adopted, officials said.

“No one will lose their housing assistance or need to be rescreened,” Vitale said. “Rental costs are not expected to go up.”

The Niles Housing Commission is adopting the voluntary Rental Assistance Demonstration program offered by HUD because it allows local housing commissions to borrow money and use low-income tax credits, as well as other financial instruments to maintain and operate their properties.

“Adopting the RAD program creates more stability and flexibility when it comes to our finances,” Vitale said. “Going forward, we won’t be dependent upon additional funding from Congress.”