Big Ten announces men’s basketball conference schedule

Published 5:00 pm Wednesday, September 8, 2021

ROSEMONT, Ill.The Big Ten announced Wednesday a full breakdown of its 140 men’s basketball conference games for all 14 schools for the 2021-22 season as revealed on Big Ten Network. For the fourth consecutive year, each school will compete in a 20-game Big Ten schedule.

The conference season begins on Dec. 3 with a schedule that features 13 games between Dec. 3-11. There will be a break in conference play after the Dec. 11 contents, with conference action resuming on Jan. 2.  Over the course of the conference season, schools will play seven teams twice — once at home and once on the road — and six teams once, with three of those games being at home and the other three away.

The 25th annual Big Ten Tournament will be played at Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis from March 9-13, 2022.

The complete 2021-22 Big Ten men’s basketball conference schedule can be found below. Television network designations and start times will be announced at a later date.


2021-22 Big Ten Men’s Basketball Schedule

Friday, Dec. 3
Iowa at Purdue
Rutgers at Illinois


Saturday, Dec. 4
Nebraska at Indiana


Sunday, Dec. 5
Northwestern at Maryland
Ohio State at Penn State


Monday, Dec. 6
Illinois at Iowa


Tuesday, Dec. 7
Michigan at Nebraska


Wednesday, Dec. 8
Indiana at Wisconsin
Michigan State at Minnesota


Thursday, Dec. 9
Purdue at Rutgers


Saturday, Dec. 11
Minnesota at Michigan
Penn State at Michigan State
Wisconsin at Ohio State


Sunday, Jan. 2
Illinois at Minnesota
Indiana at Penn State
Michigan State at Northwestern
Ohio State at Nebraska


Monday, Jan. 3
Maryland at Iowa
Wisconsin at Purdue


Tuesday, Jan. 4
Michigan at Rutgers


Wednesday, Jan. 5
Nebraska at Michigan State
Penn State at Northwestern


Thursday, Jan. 6
Maryland at Illinois
Ohio State at Indiana
Iowa at Wisconsin


Saturday, Jan. 8
Michigan State at Michigan
Nebraska at Rutgers
Purdue at Penn State


Sunday, Jan. 9
Minnesota at Indiana
Wisconsin at Maryland
Northwestern at Ohio State


Tuesday, Jan. 11
Purdue at Michigan
Illinois at Nebraska
Rutgers at Penn State


Wednesday, Jan. 12
Maryland at Northwestern
Minnesota at Michigan State


Thursday, Jan. 13
Indiana at Iowa
Ohio State at Wisconsin


Friday, Jan. 14
Michigan at Illinois
Nebraska at Purdue


Saturday, Jan. 15
Rutgers at Maryland
Northwestern at Michigan State


Sunday, Jan. 16
Iowa at Minnesota
Penn State at Ohio State


Monday, Jan. 17
Purdue at Illinois
Indiana at Nebraska


Tuesday, Jan. 18
Maryland at Michigan
Wisconsin at Northwestern


Wednesday, Jan. 19
Iowa at Rutgers
Minnesota at Penn State


Thursday, Jan. 20
Purdue at Indiana


Friday, Jan. 21
Illinois at Maryland
Michigan State at Wisconsin


Saturday, Jan. 22
Rutgers at Minnesota
Nebraska at Ohio State
Penn State at Iowa


Sunday, Jan. 23
Michigan at Indiana
Northwestern at Purdue


Tuesday, Jan. 25
Michigan State at Illinois
Maryland at Rutgers
Wisconsin at Nebraska


Wednesday, Jan. 26
Penn State at Indiana
Northwestern at Michigan


Thursday, Jan. 27
Purdue at Iowa
Ohio State at Minnesota


Saturday, Jan. 29
Illinois at Northwestern
Indiana at Maryland
Michigan at Michigan State
Rutgers at Nebraska


Sunday, Jan. 30
Minnesota at Wisconsin
Ohio State at Purdue


Monday, Jan. 31
Iowa at Penn State


Tuesday, Feb. 1
Michigan State at Maryland
Nebraska at Michigan
Rutgers at Northwestern


Wednesday, Feb. 2
Wisconsin at Illinois
Purdue at Minnesota


Thursday, Feb. 3
Iowa at Ohio State


Saturday, Feb. 5
Northwestern at Nebraska
Illinois at Indiana
Michigan at Purdue
Michigan State at Rutgers
Penn State at Wisconsin


Sunday, Feb. 6
Minnesota at Iowa
Maryland at Ohio State


Tuesday, Feb. 8
Indiana at Northwestern
Michigan at Penn State
Wisconsin at Michigan State


Wednesday, Feb. 9
Minnesota at Nebraska
Ohio State at Rutgers


Thursday, Feb. 10
Illinois at Purdue
Iowa at Maryland


Saturday, Feb. 12
Indiana at Michigan State
Ohio State at Michigan
Penn State at Minnesota
Rutgers at Wisconsin


Sunday, Feb. 13
Northwestern at Illinois
Nebraska at Iowa
Maryland at Purdue


Tuesday, Feb. 15
Wisconsin at Indiana
Michigan State at Penn State
Minnesota at Ohio State


Wednesday, Feb. 16
Illinois at Rutgers
Purdue at Northwestern


Thursday, Feb. 17
Michigan at Iowa


Friday, Feb. 18
Maryland at Nebraska


Saturday, Feb. 19
Illinois at Michigan State
Indiana at Ohio State
Northwestern at Minnesota


Sunday, Feb. 20
Michigan at Wisconsin
Rutgers at Purdue


Monday, Feb. 21
Penn State at Maryland


Tuesday, Feb. 22
Nebraska at Northwestern
Michigan State at Iowa


Wednesday, Feb. 23
Rutgers at Michigan
Wisconsin at Minnesota


Thursday, Feb. 24
Ohio State at Illinois
Maryland at Indiana


Friday, Feb. 25
Iowa at Nebraska
Northwestern at Penn State


Saturday, Feb. 26
Purdue at Michigan State
Wisconsin at Rutgers


Sunday, Feb. 27
Illinois at Michigan
Indiana at Minnesota
Ohio State at Maryland


Monday, Feb. 28
Northwestern at Iowa
Nebraska at Penn State


Tuesday, March 1
Purdue at Wisconsin


Wednesday, March 2
Rutgers at Indiana
Minnesota at Maryland


Thursday, March 3
Penn State at Illinois
Iowa at Michigan
Michigan State at Ohio State


Saturday, March 5
Indiana at Purdue


Sunday, March 6
Nebraska at Wisconsin
Iowa at Illinois
Maryland at Michigan State
Michigan at Ohio State
Minnesota at Northwestern
Penn State at Rutgers