Mobile Cocktail Car opens for business in Cassopolis

Published 9:47 am Wednesday, June 30, 2021

CASSOPOLIS – A new business is in town — but it does not have a brick and mortar location. Instead, four wheels, a green roof and pink doors are ready to meet the business’s customers where they are.

Cocktail Car is one of the newest businesses to come into Cassopolis, and its owner has plans to serve people for events and parties.

Cocktail Car an equipment rental vehicle that can be used for events like graduation parties, weddings, business events or used at a restaurant.

“The goal is to be an attention grabber,” said Joe Scharnak, owner of Cocktail Car. “We want people to drive by an event, ask, ‘what is that?’ and to stop to see what is going on. It’s designed to give your event or party the extra touch to stand out.”

Right now, without certain licenses, Cocktail Car cannot provide alcohol for events. However, those who rent the car can provide their own alcohol.

Scharnak is working with catering companies so that Cocktail Car can have catering companies provide alcohol and workers for events.

Though his business bears the name Cocktail Car, Scharnak said the events it services need not be restricted to attendees 21 and older. Instead, he said the car can be used for any purpose his customers want.

“We used it at an elementary school,” he said. “We rebranded it with posters from the school and used it as a carnival vendor, serving snow cones, hotdogs and popcorn.”

People within a 50-mile radius of Cassopolis can rent the Cocktail Car. Scharnak sees it being used at multiple events a weekend.

The car will be at the Diamond Lake Triathlon July 17 and can be seen around the Diamond Lake area all summer long.

Scharnak bought the vehicle in May and is hopeful as the business grows to have more than one Cocktail Car for people to rent in the future.

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