RedBud MX set to welcome back fans and full race season

Published 2:50 pm Wednesday, June 9, 2021

BUCHANAN – As America starts final laps fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, RedBud MX is ready to ride out of the mud and have familiar faces and racers back for the upcoming season.

The RedBud National, sponsored by Twisted Tea, returns to its regular Fourth of July weekend spot on the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship Series. This year’s race will be Saturday, July 3 at RedBud MX, located in Buchanan.

In 2020, the track had its latest date to the season ever, as the series’ start was delayed until June due to the COVID-19 shutdown. The pro event was pushed until Labor Day.

The track was not able to host fans at events last year and had to stick to amateur events for financial income and had the lone pro event bring in only amateur weekend money.

“It was just odd we had all the big pro teams in the pits but could just have an amateur race crowd, it was very strange,” said RedBud MX Owner Amy Ritchie. “We wouldn’t have been able to afford the pro race without the pro series and NBC pitching in to cover some of the fees.”

However, as the green flag starts waving on the 2021 season, RedBud has a busy year planned. This season, the track has added more events than in years past and will see races until October with one or two events a month.

RedBud has events planned for 3,000 enquire riders. Events are planned for riders as young as four and as old as 70 for all different skill levels.

The track will also be able to host the pro series race over Fourth of July weekend with no restrictions or limited attendance. The pro series event draws the biggest crowds for the track and moves at a different pace than the other events.

“The difference between the regular events and the Fourth of July event is like your local high school game on Friday night and an NFL game. There is that much difference,” Ritchie said. “The pro race draws fans where as our local races are just families.”

Some things have changed at the track permanently because of the pandemic. Fans will now be able to purchase mobile tickets prior to attending the track, though fans will still be able to buy tickets upon arriving on race days.

RedBud and the drivers missed the energy and excitement fans bring to the track every year. The track is host to hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Fans will be able to attend the track this year as campers, weekend goers or one day pass holders.

“We missed the events a lot last year and the fans missed it a lot, there is a lot of anticipation and excitement for this season,” said Ritchie. “The riders really missed the fans last year, RedBud is legendary for the fans.”

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