PHOTO STORY: Brandywine’s Class of 2021 inspires younger students to reach for graduation

Published 8:23 am Wednesday, June 2, 2021

NILES – The Brandywine class of 2021 did the graduates’ annual “Cat Walk” outdoors Tuesday afternoon.

The tradition generally takes place in the hallways of both Merritt Elementary and Brandywine Elementary. With the two schools being under a mile apart, graduates and the Brandywine Middle/High School Marching Band took to the streets to show the elementary students what the future holds.

The parade began as school buses dropped students off at S. 17th street and proceeded down Lasalle Avenue. Outside of Merritt Elementary School, Principal Matthew Severin, educators and staff brought the students outside on the side of the road to cheer on the graduating Bobcats. Many students held signs and cheered as their older peers marched by.

Neighbors and family members came out into their driveways to cheer on the graduates as they passed by.

Once the Bobcats had passed Merritt Elementary completely, they continued on to Brandywine Elementary School. One graduating senior on crutches was given a ride by Brandywine Middle/High School Assistant Principal Josh Hood.

As the marching band and students turned the corner onto S. 13th street, they were again greeted with cheers from students. Brandywine Elementary School had lined its students up with signs of congratulations at the beginning, for the graduates to see. Graduates waved and said “good bye” to their former teachers as they continued marching by the school.

The Brandywine class of 2021 graduates on Sunday, June 6.