Dowagiac Police Department receives sanitizer gift from Pink Zebra

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, November 25, 2020

DOWAGIAC — It is the season of giving thanks, and the Dowagiac Police Department is doing just that after receiving a gift from the community.

The department received a package of 100 bottles of hand sanitizer from Pink Zebra on Friday.

Pink Zebra is a U.S.-based fragrance company that offers safe, non-toxic home fragrance products.

According to a letter inside the package, the department was nominated during Pink Zebra’s Ninth Anniversary Challenge. The challenge helps raise money for Pink Zebra’s Heroes program, which was created to support frontline workers.

The individual who nominated the police department remains a mystery, according to Dowagiac Police Department administrative assistant Michell Outlaw.

“This was a complete surprise,” Outlaw said. “It’s humbling. No one has come forward to say it was them. It’s nice that someone in the community would recognize us like that. There is a lot going on right now in the world right now. It’s very humbling that they want to keep this safe.”

The bottles of sanitizer will be distributed to the police department and the Dowagiac Fire Department. Outlaw said the individual bottles are the perfect size to fit in squad cars and fire trucks.

“[The sanitizer] will be put to good use,” Outlaw said. “Our departments have been very busy, so to have this sanitizer on hand will go a long way toward keeping officers, firefighters and community members safe.”