LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Is this how you want to live?

Published 9:24 am Saturday, October 31, 2020

I am very disheartened that so many have hate in their hearts. Signs that purport to be inclusive are actually derisive. I was taught to be strong, think for myself and love America. My parents worked hard to rise from poverty.

While you may not like some of the things that President Trump says or how he says them, the plain truth is that he has done wonderful things for this country and our allies.

President Trump has tried to “drain the swamp,” only to find out how deep and entrenched that swamp is. Tax cuts for all, not just the rich. Encouraging legal immigration. Protecting our borders. Standing up for the American worker and wanting to sign bills that don’t contain trillions of dollars in “pork.” Most importantly, our country is besieged by people who want to tear us apart and watch us fail. America has always fought against communism.

Unfortunately, communism is alive and growing. I’ve been to communist countries and believe me, that is no way of life. America was founded on capitalist principles, not communist or socialist.

Please, look into who is funding these derisive groups and who is contributing millions to Joe Biden’s campaign — one person is George Soros, a socialist from Hungary.

President Trump wants Americans to thrive and American businesses to grow; he advocates for deregulation and tax cuts for individuals as well as businesses. I don’t always agree with how the message is conveyed, but I know that my life is better now than four years ago; even in the midst of COVID — a virus created in China to take down world economies. China censored the VP debate — were you aware of that?  They blocked out minutes of VP Pence’s answers. Is that how you want to live? I hope not.

Heidi Behnke