Buchanan Field of Dreams Dog Park gets 10 new trees

Published 8:53 am Wednesday, October 28, 2020

BUCHANAN — Ten new trees were planted Saturday morning in Buchanan’s Field of Dreams Dog Park, in a community effort between the Buchanan Tree Friends and a grant from the Michigan Gateway Community Foundation.

The dog park is located behind Buchanan High School, at 400 McCoy Creek Dr., and to further the community partnership, the high school’s new athletic director Mark Frey helped get some student athlete volunteers involved with the effort. Cheerleaders from Buchanan High School were on hand to lend their muscle to help dig holes for the trees to be planted during the event, as well as the Buchanan Tree Friends and other community members. Ann Tuite, a member of the Buchanan Tree Friends, said the morning began at 10 a.m.

“It went really well, and the trees really transformed the park, which had zero trees,” Tuite said.

The 10 trees planted at the park include three sugar maple, two red oak, two tulip, one white oak, one shingle oak and one red maple tree.

Carol Line, executive director of Fernwood Botanical Gardens, said she and Steve Bornell, manager of facilities and grounds at Fernwood, were a part of choosing the trees for the park. Both Line and Bornell studied at Purdue University under a beloved horticultural professor, Harrison Flint, who taught them all about wooded plants and the importance of a healthy tree canopy.

“The mix of trees was intentional,” Line said. “They are all native to the area, and all are great canopy trees. The goal was to create a beautiful shaded space. It’s well on its way now.”

The mix of tree types was chosen, in part, to guard from pests that can damage or wipe out certain species. Line also said the trees were chosen with climate change in mind.

“I think it’s going to be a great space where people can stay longer,” Line said. “I love the fact that downtown areas with a healthy canopy do better.”

Both Line and Tuite said the day was a success.