LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re-elect Nick Shelton for Niles City Mayor

Published 8:28 am Saturday, October 17, 2020

I am proud to lend my name to the broad coalition of community leaders supporting Nick Shelton for Niles city mayor.

Niles has seen tremendous growth over the past four years. Its downtown has exploded with vibrant new businesses thanks to talented entrepreneurs deciding to invest along Main Street. Despite recent difficulties, like this year’s pandemic or the flooding a few years back, there has been a surge in enthusiasm and community pride amongst Niles city residents.

One trip to a city council meeting or a login on Facebook will tell you who the driving force behind this momentum has been. Niles’ very own Nick Shelton.

As mayor, Nick’s natural ability to empathize, communicate, and work with residents, business owners and local stakeholders has inarguably propelled the community forward. While his deep roots in the community have helped him to understand the city’s needs, he still actively seeks out other opinions and insights to make the best decisions possible. Look no further than his incredible social media following where he regularly provides updates to, and asks for input from, an online audience of 5,800 plus engaged citizens.

That following, and the momentum is symbolizes, is no accident. Anyone who interacts with Nick can see the unbridled passion he has for his community, its residents, and its future. His passion was the spark Niles needed to start its great comeback, and its comeback is just beginning.

So, as a non-Niles resident, why did I feel inclined to speak out about someone I will be unable to vote for? It’s simple. Because for southwest Michigan to thrive, Niles must thrive. For Niles to thrive, it needs Nick Shelton’s continued leadership.

Join me in encouraging everyone who plans to vote in the City of Four Flags to Re-Pick Nick Shelton for Niles city mayor.

Arthur Havlicek

St. Joseph Township