LETTER TO THE EDITOR: East is the person to represent us

Published 8:32 am Saturday, October 17, 2020

Amy East is the best candidate for State Representative from the 59th District.  East has the experience, personal qualities and love for this area that will make her an effective legislator. 

East’s work as an archaeologist has given her experience working with people from many backgrounds. On the Gulf Coast, she saw up-close the long-lasting environmental and economic impacts of natural disasters, such as an oil spill.  She has experience balancing preservation of the past with the needs of the future. As a scientist, she practices evidence-based decision making. 

On a personal level, East believes that leaders must promote identities built on bonds of shared humanity, not ones built on hate and fear. East grew up on her mom’s family’s farm on the Cass/St. Joseph county line where she bailed hay, picked rocks, cut wood and ate from the family garden. East has the work ethic, grit, tenacity and love for the past and the future that only comes when you are truly invested in a place.

East is running because she saw wants to take a stand for something better: public schools with enough funding; families with jobs that allow them to thrive not just survive; children growing up with clean air and water and opportunities.  She will be an advocate, fighting for a better future. And for East, the fight is personal; this is her home, and she believes that everyone who lives here should thrive.

I want a representative who loves this place and will fight for a future that our children will want to call home. That person is Amy East.

Naomi Ludman