LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tim Rogers for the second ward write-in candidate

Published 9:13 am Wednesday, October 14, 2020

While there are no declared candidates for the open second ward city council position, I know one of the people running as a write-in candidate for the seat being vacated by Dan VandenHeede.

His name is Tim Rogers. His goal in running is to make Niles a place that folks want to live and have their businesses. Tim knows he does not have all the answers to all the problems Niles has, but he wants to make an effort to improve what we have here.

He is a retired fire battalion chief and paramedic with more than 40 total years of service. He worked in suppression, emergency management, training and safety, code enforcement and fire investigations, and shift management. These posts included budget preparation and management, resource acquisition and management, and personnel management.

Tim has worked in city and county government and understands how those systems work. He also knows that none of it operates in a vacuum and participation of the folks who live in the City of Niles means that we can all make Niles a place to be.

Please write his name in the write-in space on your ballot for 2nd Ward Council Member.

Jan Pollitt