LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support Ron McAdam for Cass County commissioner

Published 12:12 pm Wednesday, October 14, 2020

During the upcoming year, the commissioners will face unparalleled challenges resulting from the pandemic. While some challenges are yet to emerge, a dramatic budget shortfall is a certainty due to greatly diminished revenue sharing from the state of Michigan. At a time when people are under pressure financially and businesses are struggling to remain viable, we need individuals with fresh thoughts on the board of commissioners.  I believe that Ron will contribute helpful new insights and differing yet thoughtful perspectives to the board.

Ron and his wife, Kay, have lived in Cass County on their heritage farm in Penn Township for 37 years.  They respect our agricultural base, our friendly villages and our rural environment. Because of his background, Ron will work diligently to maintain the attributes of living and working in our county while also ensuring that we are not shortchanged in economic opportunity or effective governance. He will also value transparency and compromise while engaging his steady temperament to resolve problems deliberately and efficiently.

Ron respects and honors the past, but he has a vision for the future that includes solid financial stability built on an expanded tax base, vibrant tourism and a well-supported county park system. I urge you to support Ron McAdam on Nov. 3.

Carol A. Churchill