LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Join in voting for VandenHeede for State Representative

Published 7:54 am Saturday, October 3, 2020

The framers of the City of Niles government and later the Niles Charter Commission were infinitely wise in their application of non-partisanship for the city government. We could do well to learn from their belief and understanding of service in the betterment of constituents and communities without the challenges posed by partisan politics.

It is in that light that I am supporting Dan VandenHeede for Representative of the 78th District. I worked with Dan for more than 17 years on the Niles City Council. Dan was the representative of the second ward and me as mayor. Those who know us both, know that Dan and I disagreed on many issues, often quite vehemently, but we always maintained a mutual respect for each other’s positions and service to the citizens of our community. Dan has always been and remains passionate in his convictions and his desire to improve the community. Dan respects and encourages participation and transparency.

Dan’s experience on the council will benefit him in Lansing. He will be one of the very few representatives that understand the needs of communities like Niles.

For a long time, Lansing has lost sight of Main Street and smaller towns and cities. The state has continued its attack on revenue sharing to the point of degradation of our communities. Unfunded state mandates (and there are many) have negatively impacted our residents, the city and the city’s utility department. Lansing continues to turn a blind eye when asked to protect and promote communities.

With his perspective as a councilmember watching the Lansing assault on small towns and Main Street, Dan is uniquely positioned to understand small town needs and will work to ensure that Lansing understands and more importantly supports our communities.

Please join me in support of Dan VandenHeede for State Representative for the 78th District.

Mike McCauslin

Former Mayor

City of Niles