LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Meet Victor Gutierrez-Schultz

Published 7:56 am Saturday, October 3, 2020

If you have not met Victor Gutierrez-Schultz yet, you are missing out — especially if you are an Ontwa Township voter.

Victor is a biochemist who has chosen to stay in Edwardsburg. He is an Edwardsburg High School graduate who credits the “amazing instructors of our school system” for being “instrumental in me becoming who I am today.”

Now he wants to give back to Edwardsburg by running as an Ontwa Township trustee. Victor has established deep roots in the area and so is truly “Edwardsburg’s Very Own.”

You might see a door-hanger in which he tells you more about himself. Better yet, you might even have an opportunity to meet him — at a distance of 6 feet. 

Or you can insert Victor’s video YouTube link into your computer’s web browser. Here it is: https://youtu.be/4NWeI6n5vIg

Then you will see why we are enthusiastic about this smart, top-notch and thoughtful young man who wants to become an Ontwa Township trustee.

Wayne Falda