LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Enough is enough

I see you. I see your ethnic attacks, your fear against people, and the miscarriages of justice you grant to minorities. The media has portrayed an America split on indifference, which has acted as a fertilizer to stimulate the growth of roots of stereotypes and prejudices since the first African came to the shores of America.

What the media has failed to show you is an intolerance the true American has towards injustice.

There is an emergence of activists who will continue to fight for change and the core principles America stands for: “Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.” Our community and nation see, hear, and stand with all of our people of color.

Our community and nation stand against the inequalities, injustices, and prejudices the ignorant hold, and we will not fail to call you out on it. For every miscarriage of justice, there will be a reesurgance of activists who will instill not a system of colorblindness, but a system where we see your color, respect it, and still treat you like a human being.

Nationwide, there are protests where police officers have disarmed themselves to march alongside protestors. Nationwide, there are Hispanics, Asians and white citizens on the side of the African-American citizen. Be prepared to see streets flooded with love, diversity, and grit. Be prepared to see an emergence of educated citizens who understand basic human rights. Be prepared to see corrupt government officials step down from their places of power.

To all people who have climbed the ladder based on privilege, expect to see the need to work harder. To all educators who profile a student of color whenever they walk into a classroom, expect to see your students ally together and ensure that each student is heard.

To all police officers, I respect the duties you carry out, but to those of you who use the system to harm minorities, there will be justice, and we will ensure that you never live that day down. To all of my racist classmates, your friends will challenge your race profiling and will not fail to call you out on it. Enough is enough.

Angelina Pena, of Niles, is a Niles High School student.