LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Politicians should not privatize the U.S. Post Office

The letter “the future of the USPS” published in your Tuesday-Wednesday edition was very informative about the true fiscal plight of the U.S. Post Office.  I urge everyone to read it carefully as it explains why the USPS has a deficit.  In fact, before Congress mandated pre-funding of retirement programs, the Post Office had a $9 million surplus.

As a senior citizen, I would be lost without my mail delivery of daily newspapers, medicine, various supplies, greeting cards, etc.  It is even more crucial now as I do not go out due to the coronavirus.  We take our mail for granted.  Mail carriers have become sick and some are dying of this virus just because they are delivering our mail.

If politicians privatize the USPS, rates would be raised out of sight as private companies would want a big profit. Please contact your senators and representatives and tell them to support the post office and protect it from political influence.  This is urgent.

Jean E. Rowe