Buchanan marijuana grow, extraction facility, dispensary to open this summer

BUCHANAN — On the corner of Front Sreet and Schirmer Parkway a new business is budding. The fresh blue and white building stands out on the drive past on Front Street up the hill. Where a small bank with drive thru bays once stood, new construction has bloomed the on 7Engines marijuana dispensary.

The owners are currently also building a marijuana grow and extraction facility on River Street in Buchanan. The dispensary aims to open in June, while the grow and extraction facility, is penciled for August.

“Once we are open as a medical marijuana facility we will then apply for our adult use [license],” Jacqui Bork said, spokesperson for 7Engines who will be one of the facility’s managers before taking on an HR role with the company.

“The things that are going to set us apart from other dispensaries in the area is the team that is going to make up the 7Engines dispensary and grow,” Bork said. “We are building a unique team of entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, managers, budtenders and growers who are all local to the area. We have a strong passion for the industry. We want to help people and give back to the community.”

Bork said that a prerequisite to being a member of the company is a willingness to give back and volunteer in the surrounding community.

The 7Engines grow and extraction facility will provide the dispensary with its own product. However, the owners plan on offering a variety to their patients and adult use customers.

“Customers will request from other cultivations, just for the simple fact that they are currently getting them from local dispensaries,” Bork said. “We still do want to utilize those. We’ve done our research on what’s really good, and what’s high quality. We want to be able to offer those to customer as well.”

The comradery and collaboration that Bork speaks to is also present in the name of the company’s operations. The number seven is significant for many reasons to the team opening the facility.

According to the company’s website, “like many towns during the industrial era of America, Buchanan, New Buffalo, Sawyer and Niles were about 7 miles away from the next town.” This was because of the need to refuel steam engines.

Another reference that the site uses with the company’s name is consistent with the native Potawatomi.

“The Seven Grandfathers teachings of wisdom, respect, love, honesty, humility, bravery and truth serve as principals of living in harmony with the world around us,” the site said.

The dispensary hopes to work with local artists, and offer T-shirts and local products as well.

“We are really excited to give back,” Bork said. “We know that not every community is allowing marijuana business into its community, and we are excited that Buchanan is allowing us to be here. We are very grateful, and we want to give back to them.”