MACGREGOR: Let us keep on doing our part to help the community

Well, today is certainly a different looking day. It has been a challenge for those that have to be home. It has been a challenge for those that have to work. One thing we do know, as we open up we are going to need everyone to help jump-start the economy. There may be special programs coming that everyone can take advantage of — to help your local businesses. Please keep a lookout!

I do not know what the new normal will be, but I know more people will work from home than have in the past. I know that we will cherish the hugs we get — thank you, Laura! And the time we can spend with our grandkids will become even more special.  Hopefully, we will be kind to those around us, even those that are breaking the rules.

We don’t know what is going on in someone’s life that helps them make the choices they do. Not all of us are made to think of others first. Please have that forgiveness in your heart.

There is no doubt about it — this social distancing and “Shelter at Home” is all about keeping everyone healthy. Undoubtedly by now we have all been affected in some way, shape or form by this virus. I know it’s tough, but we need to be a little more patient. Are you watching the numbers? They are not consistently getting better. We need to do our part to tamp this thing down. Stay home, order in.

I love that people are playing more board games with their kids. I am now doing jigsaw puzzles in the spring — usually that is only a winter project. We are simplifying our lives and better for it. I know everyone wants to get out — but at what price? We can afford a little more patience, and open in waves so that we keep as many safe as possible.

By now you have heard, or read, that we have canceled this year’s Summer in the City. This lady has been with us for 34 years. We will certainly miss her. But our citizens’ health is paramount. We can’t possibly guess what July will look like. We do plan on bringing her back next year, and we have high hopes for this year’s auto show! Stay tuned!

I look forward to seeing you all — hopefully, later in May.

Be safe!

Kim MacGregor  is the president of the Greater Dowagiac Chamber of Commerce. She can be reached at