LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Figures don’t lie, but liars figure

I think my high school geometry teacher told me that some 58 years ago. Some truths are eternal.

I am frustrated at the lack of sharing of critical data necessary for a proper perspective regarding the shutdown. I sense that I’m not alone.

One, numbers of deaths must be accurately recorded and reported in two groups, those with and those without preexisting co-morbidities. Also, those co-morbidities must be recorded along with sex and age of the deceased.

Two, numbers of patients being hospitalized for treatment for Covid-19 must be accurately recorded and reported for every hospital in the state. Also, every hospital should record and report any occurrence of under or near under capacity.

Only with this kind of data can anyone be properly informed for a rational, nonpolitical justification for this shutdown. We need the right data accurately recorded and reported, not politics! This data should be in a searchable spreadsheet kept at the county level with a person assigned responsibility for it.

If we can’t have accurate data to support it, we should not take the extreme measure of shutting down our economy.

Gary Lewis