LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Hail to our mail man

My late grandfather, Lloyd D. Layman, of Berrien Center, worked at Kawneer, in Niles, before entering the service on May 26, 1942, where he was an aircraft radio operator.

The last job he had before he retired, from approximately 1971 to 1985, was a rural route carrier. One of his customers printed this in the newspaper for him many years ago, and I think it is fitting today as our postal workers continue to serve us, even in this pandemic. I know it meant a lot to him, as he saved it. I just found it while cleaning out my closet.

My mom must have passed it along to me after he passed away.

We just never know how a kind word can make an impact on someone. This poem is anywhere from 35 to 49 years old.



He is efficient,

Faithful and true.

It is impossible

if he doesn’t come through.

Hot summer days,

Rain or shine.

He’s always there,

Right on time.

Though the winds

May howl like

Wolves at the moon.

If he isn’t there now,

He will be soon.

Snow or sleet

Mud or slush.

If he can get through

He makes it a must.

That’s why we’re all

So thankful to

This very courteous guy

Who serves so faithful

Through black clouds

Or blue skies

He has made many

Happy on his

Everyday runs

Who were looking

For a letter, but afraid

It wouldn’t come

So thanks again,

From us to you.

Our faithful mail carrier

Who always

See our mail gets through

(Our carrier, and friend.)


Originally submitted by James Williams,

Berrien Center