New treasurer appointed in Berrien County

BERRIEN COUNTY — Shelly Weich, of Baroda, has been selected to fill the vacant position of Berrien County treasurer in a unanimous decision.

Weich, who has served as deputy chief treasurer for 12 years, succeeds former coworker Bret Witkowski, who retired from the position at the beginning of April.

The committed to select the treasurer was comprised of Senior Probate Judge Mabel J. Mayfield, County Clerk Sharon Tyler and Prosecuting Attorney Michael Sepic, who were authorized to fill the vacancy.

Weich’s appointment is for the remainder of the current term, ending Dec. 31 of this year.

On Monday, April 20, at a scheduled meeting of the committee, County Clerk, Sharon Tyler, made the following motion to appoint Weich.

“Shelly Weich brings to Berrien County 12 years of experience as the current position of chief deputy treasurer, who is currently filling in at this time, as the former treasurer is no longer employed by the county,” Tyler said. “I have worked with Shelly as the county clerk and I know she has a great amount of knowledge and responsibility with the local assessors, treasurers and schools. She has the ability to complete this four-year term of approximately eight months.”

The motion was seconded by Judge Mayfield after which there was discussion. Discussion included that, given the state of emergency, filing deadlines, and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the committee struggled with the decision to simply appoint a replacement for the short remainder of the term, or proceed with the full application review and interview process.

In a press release issued by Sepic, the committee “thanked everyone who applied but opted, in light of all circumstances, to appoint a successor Monday, exercising the statutory authority to do so.”

The vote on the motion then passed unanimously.