PUCKETT: Life is more fragile than we think

Published 8:35 am Monday, March 2, 2020

We all know things happen, but most of the time, it is to somebody else somewhere else.

When we hear of devastation, we have a tinge of fear, but usually calm ourselves and move on. We like to think of life as manageable; that is, there is a certain order to adhere to so that we are not overly affected.

Right now, there is something going on in a distant land. People are getting sick and dying. The cause seems to be a microbe that you cannot see, touch, feel, or predict its movement. How could something this small have such effect?

A rumor or even a false perception can move armies and nations. In the Old Testament book of 2 Kings, the army of Syria was besieging Samaria. The city appeared doomed. The famine was so bad that people were eating their children (2 Kings 6:29). Almighty God intervened and caused the leaders of the army to hear what they thought were horses and chariots. The army fled even though there was no real threat. Such is the power of fear. It is clear that the Living God of Heaven caused this extreme reversal of a situation.

We must never rule God out of our lives. Some may blame God for what is going on right now, with what seems to be a deadly plague. God may not be causing what is going on, but He could certainly use it to get our attention.

It is amazing how fragile our life and systems are. Financial fear hits first. Wealth flies away like a bird on the wing. Next, lifestyle could go. What if you could not leave your house for fear of infection?

As much as God might be the cause, He is also definitely the answer. There is no greater confidence than to believe that God is in control, and that all in His hand is just that, in His hand. A person firmly rooted in God through His Son, Jesus Christ, can live without fear and can be a shining light in the midst of darkness.

In the Middle Ages, the gospel was affirmed by Christ-followers who bravely risked their lives to go in the midst of the plague to help those who were stricken.

Today is no different. There are people cowering in fear. You might be the one to come alongside them and offer words of comfort. Words that can lift people above the fear of death because they are introduced to the One who conquered death and the grave — Jesus Christ who came out of the grave victorious.

This is neither a problem nor an obstacle; it is an opportunity.