Penalties will ensue for residents who rake leaves to street side

Published 8:49 am Tuesday, April 9, 2019

NILES — As the grip of winter is replaced by the new warmth of spring, residents have begun to get their yards ready for summer.

City officials noted that many have unknowingly raked their leaves to the curbside expecting a pickup. Unfortunately, that next leaf pickup will not come anytime soon, they said.

Niles Street Department only picks up leaves in the fall, so the next leaf pickup will not come until late November. The city has not provided a spring leaf pickup for many years, and there is not a plan to provide that service anytime in the future, city officials said. City crews made the customary three trips through the entire city last fall.

Building safety officers have attempted to notify the approximately 40 homes that have leaves still piled up at the curb. City officials asked residents to remove the leaves at the roadside in favor of mulching, storing at a place on their property, or transporting them to the Southeast Berrien County Landfill, which accepts them for free. Residents are reminded that burning is not allowed as this creates air quality issues that can contribute to breathing difficulties for many in the community.

Residents who have not removed their leaves by April 15 will have them taken by an outside contractor and costs of this additional service will be billed directly to the property owner.

Niles Public Works also advised residents that the summer brush chipping program will begin again in late April. For this service, residents are asked to make a pickup reservation at (269) 683-4700, ext. 3062. After the initial pickup, this spring the only way to have brush removed is a pickup reservation.  The city further advised to separate brush and leaves. Any brush mixed with leaves will not be picked up, they said.

Those looking for more information can call the Building Safety Division at (269) 683-2374 or the Department of Public Works at (269) 683-4700 extension 3061.