Volunteer of the Week: DeDee Luke

Published 9:56 am Wednesday, March 20, 2019

DeDee Luke volunteers for the Cass County 4-H Leaders’ Association.


How long have you volunteered with Cass County 4-H Leaders’ Association?

About 27 years.

DeDee Luke

Why did you start volunteering with the association?

Both of my kids joined for 4-h, and I thought it was better to be involved than not involved.

Why do you continue to volunteer your time with the association?

It’s fun working with the kids. I love working with the kids. To watch them learn, to watch them grow through it all is a continual learning experience for everybody.

Why is it important to you to volunteer your time in your community?

To make the community a better place. Through 4-H and other programs, we might be the only positive experience a child has. That’s important. I think we have to lead by example.

Why do you think all people should volunteer their time and resources?

To make the world a better place. There’s so much negative in the world. If you can help to make the world better why wouldn’t you do it?