Cass County to enforce frost law restrictions starting Monday

Published 9:04 am Thursday, March 7, 2019

CASS COUNTY — The Cass County Road Commission will implement full frost law restriction on all non-class “A” county roads starting Monday. This includes gravel roads.

The frost laws reduce the maximum axle load by 35 percent per axle on these roads. The speed on these county roads will be reduced to 35 miles per hour for all commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 10,000 pounds or more.

Any truck in question to be overweight may be stopped and weighed. Overweight citations may be issued to the driver. It is the driver’s responsibility to pay any fines incurred. These fines can be substantial, according to the road commission.

County officials said that frost laws are necessary as roads are especially susceptible to damage from heavily-loaded trucks while the ground thaws.

State and county class “A” roads include:

• Barron Lake Road from M-60 to Pokagon Highway

• Brownsville Road from M-62 to Calvin Center Road

• Cassopolis Road from Old 205 to Calvin Hill Street

• Conrad Road from May Street to US-12

• Dailey Road from Pine Lake Street to M-60

• Decatur Road from M-60 to Crane Street

• Dutch Settlement from Lawrence Road to M-40

• Fir Road from Redfield Street to US-12

• Marcellus Highway from Dowagiac city limits to M-40

• May Street from Conrad Road to M-62

• O’Keefe Road from Cassopolis village limits to Fox Street

• Old 205 from Indiana State Line to US-12

• Pine Lake Street from M-60 to Conrad Road

• Pokagon Highway from M-51 to Cassopolis village limits

• Redfield Street from Township line east to Cassopolis Road

• Reum Street from US-12 to M-60

For more information or updates, contact the Cass County Road Commission at (269) 445-8611 or go to

All Michigan seasonal weight restrictions are listed on the Michigan County Road Association website,