Assistant principal’s rap gets more than 90,000 views

Published 8:45 am Wednesday, January 30, 2019

NILES — Brandywine Middle and High School assistant principal Josh Hood came up with a creative way to share with his students that there would be a snow day Tuesday.

Wearing a backward baseball cap, hoody and sunglasses, Hood posed in front of a camera with a school closed sign visible in the background. He then spun some fresh rhymes to the tune of “Ice, Ice, Baby” to declare the snow day Tuesday. The video was posted to his social media page.

“Yo, Brandywine. Let’s sleep in. Snow day, Bobcats. Snow day, Bobcats,” Hood rapped. “Alright stop, put down your phone and listen. Hood is here, so you better pay attention. It’s snowing and blowing outside. Go grab your pets and bring them inside.”

The rap, which Hood created Monday, quickly amassed more than 90,000 views by Tuesday, as well as attention from local news outlets.

“I thought the kids would really enjoy it. We have awesome students,” Hood said. “If it could make them laugh, it would be worth it. The intention was to be just for students and parents. I did not know it would be on news channels and have more than 80,000 views … I probably would have practiced and rehearsed a little more.”

Hood said he had been “called out on social media” to create the rap after several school principals across the country released similar messages in the creative style. When a snow day came Monday and Tuesday, Hood said he saw his chance.

While students were home Monday, he said he was in his office working. After completing his paperwork and answering emails, he began writing lyrics for the snow day message. After recording the video, Hood said he had to explain the rap to a custodian who had wandered by his office during the process. 

“He walked by and did a double take,” Hood said. “I had to go out in the hallway when I was finished and explain to him that there was nothing wrong with me.”

Students, staff and the community seemed to appreciate Hood’s take on the snow day message. For Hood, he believes efforts like this can help administrators connect with students.

“Any teacher or administrator, if you want to build relationships with students this is the kind of stuff you need to do,” Hood said. “You got to show the kids it is not always business. Again, I’m very lucky to be the assistant principal at Brandywine.”

Students are likely to note that Hood’s rap is not out of character for the assistant principal. During a school assembly last year, Hood dressed in costume and teachers alongside fellow administrators to help raise money for Pennies for Patients, which benefited the Berrien County Cancer Services.

Hood is a 1996 graduate of Brandywine Middle and High School. He has served as the assistant principal for four years and as the school’s highly successful varsity girls’ basketball coach for 10.

Hood said he plans to challenge some other local administrators to get creative and make their own raps.

“I have already talked to our other administrators,  so look out for next year,” Hood said.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning through Tuesday morning, with 6 to 10 inches of snow expected to fall. Through Thursday, a wind chill warning was also in effect. Temperatures were expected to reach record-breaking lows.

Brandywine was closed Wednesday last week, which was also the first day of finals.  The finals were supposed to be made up Monday, but weather once again led to closures.

Hood advised students to make good use of their time away from school.

“Put your game controllers down, read a book or do something productive,” Hood said. “And can’t wait to see everybody later in the week. Go Bobcats.”

The rap can be viewed on the Niles Daily Star’s Facebook page.