Greater Niles Chamber of Commerce recognizes Ambassador Program leader

Published 8:49 am Wednesday, January 9, 2019

NILES — The Greater Niles Chamber of Commerce recognized their Ambassador Program Chair, Marci Taylor, for her years of service and dedication.

In light of this year’s merger between the Four Flags Area Chamber of Commerce and the Southwest Michigan Economic Growth Alliance to form the Greater Niles Chamber of Commerce, chamber officials said they were looking to reflect upon the work that the Ambassador Program has provided throughout the years.

Chamber members said they were grateful for all of the hard work and direction Taylor, and all of the ambassadors, have provided.

Taylor is the general manager of WSMK 99.1. She became an ambassador in early 2005 and has since been asked to represent the ambassador program as its chair. Taylor said her time with the program has provided many opportunities for her to build relationships with members of the community as well as her co-ambassadors.

The Ambassador Program is designed to assist in building relationships between the chamber and its more than 300 members. These volunteers have taken on a variety of responsibilities that include, but are not limited to, volunteering at the chamber’s events, greeting new businesses and community members, and representing the chamber within the greater Niles area.

As the Ambassador Program looks to its future within the Greater Niles Chamber of Commerce, the team is continuing to serve the community at length. Taylor said she wanted to emphasize a focus on the community’s small businesses for the Ambassador Program in the coming months, so that the chamber may continue to assist in their professional development during a period of great change and transition.

Those interested in learning more about the Ambassador Program can contact Eileen Villanueva, membership coordinator, at the Greater Niles Chamber of Commerce, at (269) 683-3720.