Top stories in Cassopolis in 2018

Published 10:12 am Thursday, December 27, 2018

  1. Dussel’s Farm Market fire and car crash — Dussel’s Farm Market had a couple of big surprises as it prepared for the holiday season. The main building caught fire, causing thousands of dollars in damages, but the Dussel’s team rolled up their sleeves to set up shop in one of the greenhouses. Then a car crashed through the greenhouse, causing more damage and further delaying Dussel’s sales. No one was injured in either accident.

  2. Cassopolis Public Schools changes in leadership and programming – In 2018, two new principals were appointed for Ross Beatty High School (Robin Hadrick) and Sam Adams Elementary (Deb Stermer). Since taking over leadership in Cassopolis, the Cass schools have moved to project-based learning, or New Tech, which shifts learning to more technology-focused and experiential education. New Tech provides students with more hands-on projects that are more applicable to real life.

  3. Historic Courthouse debates — The Cass County board of commissioners heard from community voices in 2018 about the fate of the historic courthouse in downtown Cassopolis. Two resolutions, one to retain ownership of the courthouse for the purpose of restoration, and another to transfer ownership to the Cass County Economic Development Corporation, were voted down by the board. While the county retains ownership of the courthouse, no restorations are to be made, and the CCEDC did not make any movement on developing the or otherwise restoring the building.

  4. Imagine Cass — Cassopolis was the focus of a development program through MSU’s School of Planning Design and Construction. The program welcomed Cassopolis residents to imagine projects that would breathe new life and ideas into the village. MSU students then created designs and models to conceptualize the ideas of residents. Due to Imagine Cass, Cassopolis will have projects and designs already prepared for approval from the village council. Imagine Cass spurred community interest, participation and anticipation.

  5. Cassopolis students start coffee shop — Several students from Ross Beatty Jr./Sr. High School began a coffee shop in conjunction with the Village of Cassopolis. Students met with business owners, investors and other interested parties to get funding and push their idea off the ground. In October, the students finally shared their products with the community at the Sinclair Gas Station in downtown Cassopolis. An official location for the shop will be coming to Cassopolis soon.