Volunteer of the Week: Karen Rhynard, of Cassopolis

Published 9:47 am Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Karen Rhynard, 64, of Cassopolis, is a volunteer with the Niles Salvation Army.

How long have you been a volunteer with the Salvation Army?

Three years.

Karen Rhynard

How did you get started with the Salvation Army?

[A Salvation Army representative] had come to our church and asked for volunteers, so I decided to sign up. I had retired and wanted to give help back to the community to fill my time.

What do you do at the Salvation Army?

I answer the phones, and I help people get food from the food pantry. [Yesterday] we were signing people up and giving people Christmas food and toys.

Why do you like volunteer?

I like to know that I am doing God’s work and helping people. The Salvation Army is a wonderful organization, and it’s a Christian organization that tries to help and bless our community.

Why do you think volunteering is important for the community?

I think that God has given us so much that we need to really show how blessed we are and give back to others.

How would you encourage others to volunteer?

I would say that it is really a blessing. It has been a blessing to me. I’m sure that they would find that also. It can be anything from as simple as helping deliver things or ringing bells to donating food.