PROOS: Celebrating STEM education in Michigan

Published 10:08 am Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics education is key to our future because it prepares students for careers in critical fields.

National STEM Day is Nov. 8. It’s a day to inspire kids to explore these important subjects.

To help in this effort, the governor recently signed my legislation to provide students with important career outlook information and reward students for taking extra STEM courses.

Senate Bill 344, now Public Act 241 of 2018, allows Michigan students to receive a STEM certification on their diploma or transcript as an incentive for taking additional courses in STEM subjects.

To earn the STEM certification, students must complete at least six credits in mathematics, at least six credits in science, at least a half credit featuring significant coursework involving technology, and at least a half credit featuring significant coursework involving engineering.

Michigan is one of the first states to allow this STEM certification opportunity. It is a great way to reward students who have taken the initiative to complete additional STEM classes to prepare themselves for success in growing careers and to highlight their accomplishments.

We owe it to every Michigan high school student to provide them with valuable career information so they can make the best decision for their future.

SB 343, now PA 242 of 2018, requires schools to provide students with the most recent available analysis of in-demand occupations for their economic forecast region.

On a regular basis, the state compiles “Regional Hot Jobs” outlooks for all of Michigan’s 10 prosperity regions. They are available at

This information can be a tremendous resource for those looking for work, people considering a career change and especially students contemplating a career path.

National STEM Day and these new laws are about ensuring that our students succeed by ensuring they have the information needed to make informed career decisions and giving them a competitive advantage in landing a great job.