Leader Publications welcomes new reporter

Published 10:05 am Wednesday, November 7, 2018

NILES — Leader Publications this week welcomed a new reporter to its editorial staff.

Adam Droscha, 25, relocated to Buchanan from Charlotte, Michigan, where he has been employed at The County Journal for the past two years. Droscha is a Charlotte native. He studied journalism, public relations, worship arts and music at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids.

“Having worked as a reporter in another community in Michigan, one that was also very rural and surrounded by small towns, I’ve grown to enjoy the story of smaller communities in the Mitten state,” Droscha said. “While we can often paint states with a broad brush, the nooks and crannies of every state have unique stories and quirks.”

Droscha will report on Cassopolis and Edwardsburg, and contribute heavily to Leader Publications’ lifestyle magazines, Michiana Life and South Bend Life. Droscha’s passions for entertainment make him an asset to the magazines, and his background in farming will suit him well in reporting on the Cass County region.

Droscha said he became a journalist because he has always enjoyed and been talented at writing.

“The second reason I became a journalist is because I’ve learned that the right story can change minds, hearts, public narratives and the course of history,” he said. “Literature, of all kinds, is what humanity comes back to in order to understand history and our own purpose and place in the world.”

In his spare time, Droscha enjoys playing music, performing and working with youth. Leader Publications General Manager Ambrosia Neldon said Droscha’s knack for narrative storytelling and passion for telling the news will be a great addition to the company’s editorial staff.

“Adam has proven very quickly that he understands and enjoys community journalism,” Neldon said. “We are pleased and excited to share his work with Cass County and the greater Michiana region.”

While Droscha’s career is still in its early stages, he is eager to continue growing as a journalist in southwest Michigan.

“I’m only in my second year as a post-college journalist,” Droscha said. “While there is much skepticism and criticism for the news media and four journalists, I believe the best is still ahead for the field and its workers. The truth tellers and scribblers of the world will keep the world on the right course.”