LETTER: Vote for Kim LaSata

Published 9:44 am Wednesday, October 31, 2018

As a mother, a fifth grade teacher, and a State Representative, Kim has shown her dedication to education at every level. Her “pro-student” approach means it does not matter what type of institution they go to as long as students are learning and thriving. Few in the community can even match her record when it comes to supporting education.

First, she earned her bachelor of science degree in education and master’s degree in literacy studies from Western Michigan University.

Second, she was named Teacher of the Year at Lake Michigan Catholic where she taught for more than a decade. The fact that some in our community are quick to disregard this service just because “LMC is a parochial school” is beyond me.

Third, as State Representative, Kim has fought for historic levels of state funding for Michigan’s K-12 public schools and Michigan’s 15 Public Universities. As a member of the appropriations committee, Kim was instrumental in approving the largest per-pupil funding increase in 15 years. She has also repeatedly brought students to Lansing to be an honorary “Representative for a Day,” and has read to thousands of students in classrooms across her district over the past two years.

Kim has been a true advocate for our students and for all of southwest Michigan. She has earned my support for State Senate on Nov. 6 and I hope she earns yours as well.

Janice Mathews

Saint Joseph