LETTER: Support Ron McAdam

Published 8:49 am Monday, October 29, 2018

I am writing this letter in support of Ron McAdam as a candidate for the Cass County Board of Commissioners.

Ron’s motivation to serve on the board is genuinely unselfish and consistently positive. He will be an action-oriented commissioner who deals with issues on a timely basis.  Rather than letting problems linger (such as the long-unresolved future of the historic county courthouse), Ron will deal with such matters with a sense of urgency, yet in a financially prudent manner.

Ron and his wife Kay have lived in Cass County on their heritage farm for 35 years. They cherish our agricultural base, our timeless villages, and our rural environment. Because of his background, Ron will work diligently to maintain the wonderful attributes of living and working in our county while also ensuring that we are not shortchanged in either economic opportunity or effective governance. Further, Ron has operated a small local business for 25 years. This background ensures that Ron thoroughly understands the commitment and well-informed decision-making it takes to be successful. As a board member, he will value compromise, serve as a team player, and engage his steady temperament to move the agenda forward in a deliberate yet efficient manner.

Ron’s vision includes a well-supported county park system as well as strategies to stimulate tourism and increase the county’s tax base. He sees a vibrant county that pays homage to the past while continuing to develop to remain strong and resilient in an unpredictable future. I urge you to support Ron McAdam on Nov. 6.

Carol A. Churchill