Lakeside resident to cast their vote for 6th District Democratic candidate

Published 9:22 am Friday, October 19, 2018

Matt Longjohn, Democratic candidate for Congress in the 6th District, is a distinguished public health doctor who has been recognized for his innovative work in preventive medicine. He decided to run for office after Congressman Fred Upton voted for the House Republican bill that would have taken away affordable health care from millions of Americans.

Public health doctors provide a vital service as they create and implement programs to deal with the illnesses that impact all our communities. I can’t imagine a profession that would better prepare a legislator.

Longjohn’s experience with the intersectionality of health and environment, education, access to clean water, good nutrition, good jobs, good neighborhoods, etc, has prepared him to be a forceful and informed advocate in all these areas.

Dr. Longjohn earned his master’s degree from Tulane University Medical School and then completed an Internal Medicine Residency at Northwestern University Hospital. He chose to become a public health doctor and has had a distinguished career in that field.

Public health doctors focus on prevention. They do not treat individual patients. Therefore, they are not required to obtain state licenses.

Sadly, Upton has unleashed a dishonest attack against Matt Longjohn, claiming that he is not a “real” doctor because he doesn’t have a Michigan license. When threatened candidates find nothing of substance to attack with, they send their crews in search of something for a smear campaign. Longjohn is an M.D. who practices public health medicine. He does not need a Michigan license.

Throughout his campaign, Dr. Longjohn has clearly and repeatedly explained that he is a public health doctor who focuses on preventing illness and promoting well-being. He is the best possible representative for Michigan’s 6th District.

Sandy Feldman