LETTER: Vote for Elaine and Tom

Published 8:58 am Wednesday, October 17, 2018

As a Southwestern Michigan College alumnus, former executive director for the SMC Foundation and board member serving on the county’s economic development board, I’m saddened to witness our current elected SMC Board of Trustees lacking in their fiduciary responsibility to serve our community and the SMC employees. Most concerning is the pending state of Michigan retirement obligation of that will fall on the back of us, Cass County taxpayers.

That is why I’m personally endorsing Elaine Foster and Tom Buszek for SMC Board of Trustees. Collectively, they bring 60 years of combined higher education leadership and experience not seen since the inception of the college.

I ask you to join me on Tuesday, Nov. 6 to cast your vote for Elaine Foster and Tom Buszek, who ask to serve as your SMC Board of Trustees.  Their combined leadership promises accountability, transparency and equity not seen in the current board.