We-Can Services continues to serve customers with affordable dumpster rental, haul away

Published 4:24 pm Sunday, May 6, 2018

NILES — When a Niles woman called We-Can Services to use its dumpster rental and waste haul away operations about two months ago, the owners arrived on time, but before she had transferred the refuse to the dumpster.

Instead of coming back when she had finished the task, We-Can Service operators offered the customer the free courtesy of helping to load the dumpster. With their help, the dumpster was loaded in 15 minutes and ready to be hauled away as planned.

This kind of “we can” attitude is what customers say set the business apart from other competitors.

“We are able to do things and help people save money that the other companies can’t,” said business co-owner Dana Weegens.

Dana operates the Niles business with his wife Lisa Weegens from their home. Their teen son and daughter Sam and Amanda also help to run the family business. We-Can Services is a Niles waste management company that offers dumpster rental and haul away services to customers in Niles and within a 15- to 20-mile radius of the city.

This April, the business celebrated its one-year milestone, but Dana said he had customers to thank for the family’s success.

“A lot of businesses don’t make it that first year,” Dana said. “We feel blessed. We are thankful to the community that they are supporting us. The local people have been our success.”

Among the things that make the company stand out, Dana said customers can find affordable pricing on their services. After all, the company’s motto is: “We can give you a good price.”

Customers can choose from 10-yard and 20-yard dumpster for rent. The average rental cost is between $250 to $375, depending on the location and material.

The family is hoping for more customer growth within the next year. If the growth continues, Weegens said he hopes to offer larger varieties of dumpsters next year and purchase a truck with the ability to haul a heavier capacity at a quicker speed. First though, Weegens said the company needs to acquire more regular business.

Dana and his family have had roots in the Niles community for 30 years. Prior to operating We-Can Services, Dana was the co-owner of Weegens Bros. Salvage. Dana and his brother, Neal Weegens, operated the business for 12 years, before Neal took an opportunity in another state and the brothers sold the business.

But customers still remember how Dana helped them through Weegens Bros. Salvage. When he and Lisa opened We-Can Services last year, they got phone calls from several customers that were happy to hear they were back in business, he said.

“It’s the people that because of the way we did business before, they said if you get back into business again let us know,” Dana said. “It’s the people being faithful to us from our last business and word of mouth.”

He said this reputation was built on his company’s family values and the effort to offer customers an affordable service.

Dana got his start in the industry working alongside his father, who operated an Illinois-based business to haul away farmers’ scrap metal.

Dana said he is proud to see his own children now working alongside him to help operate the business. He said Amanda often helps with paperwork, while Sam will help with a variety of tasks when needed.

“A lot of people are impressed when you show up as a family and you look professionally,” Dana said. “That’s impressive.”

Additionally, Dana said the family does not hesitate to go the extra mile for their customers. He cited several instances where customers needed a hand loading their dumpster rental and Dana stepped up to lend a hand.