Eagle Lake School gets new sign

Published 1:37 pm Friday, May 20, 2016

Each year, students in Edwardsburg’s second-grade classes learn about citizenship by writing a letter on an issue that involves their community.

Sometimes nothing ever comes of the letters.

This time, the letters resulted in change. Visitors to Eagle Lake School can easily locate the facility now that a new sign has been installed.

The idea came to a second-grade teacher one day when a grandparent who had arrived to pick up a sick child could not locate the school.

It was not the first time visitors and those new to the community missed the turn off US-12 onto Brady Road.

Many Eagle Lake families also identified the need for a sign in their responses on a 2015 district-wide parent survey.

So students in Leigh Goying’s and Dannielle Swihart’s classes wrote letters to the owner of the property, Bryon Brady, who agreed to the placement of the sign on his land.

The Edwardwardsburg PTO provided the funds for the sign and, in late April, it was installed.