Why is Berrien County euthanizing so many animals?

Published 11:18 am Thursday, May 19, 2016

For many months I have been following the meetings and public discussion regarding Berrien County Animal Control.

In spite of their claims, their euthanasia rates are deplorable and suspect as to their accuracy.

In 2014 Berrien County Animal Control reported that 60 percent (980 out of 1641) of their total feline intake were owner-requested euthanasia cases. Cass County’s rate was 17 percent, VanBuren 21 percent, St. Joe (Michigan) 15 percent and Allegan’s less than 1 percent. Why are Berrien County Animal Control’s owner-requested euthanasia numbers so high?

Coincidentally (or not), from a mathematical perspective, doing this would enable BCAC to make public claims of a lower euthanasia rate than they really have. The taxpayers are funding BCAC and deserve nothing less than answers.


Ruth A. Szyarto

Michiana Animal Welfare League, President