American Legion to offer veteran-made poppies

Published 10:46 am Wednesday, May 18, 2016

American Legion volunteers will distribute the familiar red hand crafted poppies honoring America’s war dead on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, dates that are designated as Poppy Days by the America Legion Lawrence O. Starrett Post 563 in Dowagiac.

It honors the millions of Americans who have willingly served their country in seven decades.

It serves as well as honors the veteran with all proceeds from the distribution invested in local programs for the benefit of the veteran and his/her family.

Each nine-piece poppy is made by veterans for veterans in poppy shops that supplement physical and psychological therapy needed by hospitalized and disabled veterans.

The Legion provides the materials and the volunteers. The veterans make the poppy and are paid a small amount for each painstakingly made flower.

For some it is their only income.

No matter what the cost of maintaining and supplying the poppy shops, the memorial poppy is never sold, but given in exchange for a contribution.

It has been estimated that approximately 25 million Americans wear the poppy to honor America’s war dead and all veterans, contributing nearly $2 million for rehabilitation and welfare programs.