Athlete Showcase: Brandywine’s Shaylee Smith

Published 8:22 am Friday, May 6, 2016

Shaylee Smith is a junior in the Brandywine tennis team.


What has been one of your greatest accomplishments as an athlete?

SS: Being able to call myself a part of such an amazing tennis team.

What has been one of your biggest disappointments as an athlete?

SS: Having to quit volleyball because of an injury after making varsity.

What has been a hardship in your life?

SS: Losing my great-grandpa to Alzheimer’s and now watching my great-grandma go through it.

Who is a “hero” in your life and why?

SS: My mom. She drives and take me to every away game. She always takes off work to watch me and support me, along with my grandma and the rest of my family.

When are you the most nervous while you are competing?

SS: I’m most nervous right before playing, but then once it starts I just try to play to get better.

Describe an embarrassing athletic moment.

SS: When I completely missed the ball serving.

How do you tend to workout/train when by yourself?

SS: I hit a ball against a wall in my basement.

What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not playing yours?

SS: Probably softball because that’s what I used to play before tennis.

Why are sports an important part of a high school experience?

SS: They help form amazing friendships and form and instill important qualities in you such as honesty and communication.

How would you give away $50,000?

SS: I would donate half to our school and half to an Alzheimer’s research foundation.

If you could be the head coach of a team for a year, what team would you choose?

SS: My tennis team, because I love all my tennis girls.

If I did not play sports, I would…?

SS: Pursue more activities in art.

What is the most challenging thing for you to do in your sport?

SS: Keeping a positive mental state after starting to get down on myself.

If you could change one rule about your sport, what would it be?

SS: Not having line judges, though most kids have good sportsmanship and are honest. Some are not.

What is the best compliment you have ever received?

SS: I can tell you are a hard worker and great athlete.

What was the scariest thing you have had to do? Are you glad you did it?

SS: Trying out for the tennis team having never played before. I am glad I did because I have met amazing girls and coaches.

What was the last thing you saw someone do that really impressed you?

SS: My friend move from not playing last year to three singles and always holding her head high win or lose. It’s a tough spot to play.

What is your favorite hobby? Why?

SS: Art, because anything can be beautiful.

Choose one word to describe yourself:

SS: Driven.