Starfish Story: Migrant education recruiter honored for excellence

Published 10:38 am Thursday, April 21, 2016

Diego Cano, — as migrant education recruiter — migrant paraprofessional, and data entry for migrant, has worn many hats throughout his career as an employee for Dowagiac schools.

Diego Cano

Diego Cano

Diego started and completed his K-12 grade education with the Dowagiac Union Schools. He attended the summer migrant program as a young student playing with trucks on the playground and has transitioned into an important educator for the district.

Diego was a very helpful high school volunteer for the migrant afterschool program, and then in 2006 he became a teacher’s aide for this program. Mr. Cano continued in this position for three summers and then became a migrant education recruiter in 2009.

Diego has since held the position of migrant paraprofessional at Sister Lakes, Patrick Hamilton and Justus Gage Elementary.

As a student, a volunteer, a teacher’s aide, and a year-round employee serving several positions, Diego has been a role model and a friend to several families and


He has broken the language barrier for countless families and students while always keeping a smile and truly welcoming families into our district. He has played a key role in educating Dowagiac’s youth.

At the end of this year, Mr. Cano will be moving to Lansing with his fiancée, Priscilla, and his four-year-old son, Alex.

Justus Gage will truly miss his presence and expertise. We wish him good luck with his new endeavors and many thanks for his 11 years of service.


Bryan Henry, Principal

Justus Gage Elementary