Volunteer of the Week — Joy Carroll, Edwardsburg Public Schools

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Joy Carroll, of Lawton, Michigan, is a former employee and volunteer with the Lawton Community Schools who has spent the last several years volunteering with the Edwardsburg Public Schools.

Joy Carroll

Joy Carroll


How long have you been volunteering with Edwardsburg school district?

Two years.


What made you want to start volunteering?

My [two] grandkids…I had worked in Lawton schools for over 15 years as a volunteer. I had worked for eight years in the school system, getting paid, but when my sons needed me to help watch the children, I was able to get involved helping them in the schools.


What kind of things do you help out with?

Anything they tell me to do…I do poster board, I do school work with the kids, art projects…you name it I do it.


Was it easy to make the transition to helping with a new school district?

Yes. I enjoy being with the kids, and the teachers are great. The atmosphere in the school system is very happy.


What’s the biggest reward you get out of volunteering with the schools?

Seeing the kids grow in their school activities and academics. They’re always happy to see me — they always greet me with a big hug.


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