GVSU dean’s list

Published 10:29 am Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Grand Valley State University announced the names of students who were placed on the dean’s list for the Fall 2015 semester concluding in December. The list includes those students who have maintained a 3.5 grade point average and been enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits. The honor is noted on the students’ official records.

Grand Valley is dedicated to providing a rich learning environment for students, offering a wide range of majors and hands-on research opportunities. Highly credentialed and responsive faculty and individual advisors and mentors promote a liberal arts emphasis that teaches students critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Allison J. Mitchell

Audrey D. Oake

Mary M. O’Brien



Stephanie L. Vlasicak



Carolina Brito

Matthew A. Lyle



Katelyn M. Adams

David M. Bronicki

Bryana J. Craig

Anthony L. Dopp

Adam M. Duke

Kristen L. Miller

Aubrey N. Ritchey



Casey J. Cochran

Nathaniel S. Dennis

Belinda A. Fordjour

Bernice A. Fordjour

Taylor N. Hepler

Tanner L. Kiessel

Karoline L. Langheinrich

Ashley A. Luzadre

Rebecca L. Oppman

Cody J. Ortiz-Leonard

Jakob R. Szilagyi

Samantha J. Wetzel