Vote ‘no’ on city charter amendment

Published 11:29 am Thursday, March 3, 2016

On March 8, the voters will be going to the polls to help select the next president of the U.S.

On that same day the residents of Dowagiac will also be voting on a ballot issue to determine how the office of city clerk will be selected.

If you vote “yes” that means that the city clerk will be appointed by the city manager.

If you vote “no” you will continue to have the right to select your city clerk.

The city included in your most recent utility bill a flier explaining the ballot issue. They neglected to discuss the fact that over the years since the Charter was passed, the clerk no longer reviews all the bills and files them — that action was done without a charter amendment. That means that the elected clerk does not have the opportunity to review them, as a check and balance.

The computerization of the election process created a more sophisticated voting process, under the control of the Michigan Bureau of Elections. Requiring the clerk to be certified, see that all voting processes are accurate and complete — that is not a job to be assigned to a city employee who has other responsibilities.

There is an implication that we as citizens are not able to choose a competent person. I think, when the time comes, we are capable of selecting a clerk who will be able to be being trained and certified and receive continued training from the State Bureau of Elections. And also give us another voice in city hall.

The bottom line to me is I think we have the right to have a say in who is our city clerk.

If you agree with me I urge you to vote “no” on the ballot issue to amend the city charter.


Leon “Andy” Anderson Jr.