Cassopolis board discusses request to change policies

Published 8:09 am Friday, February 26, 2016

The Cassopolis Board of Education discussed a pair of policies in response to questions from the community.

The board, at its regular monthly meeting at the Squires Education Center Monday night, discussed public information at board meetings and the district’s no “F” policy for athletics.

Board President Scott Ward asked the board if they felt any need to move forward with the “implications” in the letter, dated Dec. 16, 2015, that the board received from Bianca May on behalf of Our Father’s Family Keeper Ministries.

May addressed the board at its Feb. 8 meeting focusing mostly onprocedures for public participation at meetings.

At the conclusion of her 15-minute time period, May was granted two additional 5-minute periods by Ward.

At the conclusion of the 25 minutes, Ward told May the board would consider her suggestions and asked if she wanted to take a few minutes to discuss the letter she sent them dated Dec. 17.

“There are some points in there (the letter) that maybe we could look at in the future, that we would change the way we are doing some things,” Ward said. “Some of the requests and demands made in that letter I don’t deem necessary, personally.”

One of the items in the letter was a request for more after-school programs that would tutor students.

Ward said that those programs are available and being expanded upon.

“It is an every-evolving piece of the puzzle,” he said. “I think that all of us would like to see it get to a point where we don’t need an after school program. That program is in its infancy and it is being tweaked and adjusted.”

“I think basically, it is one of those things we need to note and learn from,” board member George Calvert said. “I did not see any changes that we need to make at this time.”

The board was also in agreement that it did not need to change its current athletic policy, which does not allow athletes to get a failing grade and, still be allowed to compete.

The board would later vote unanimously to authorize Board President Scott Ward to speak on behalf of the board in responding to the Our Father’s Family Keeper Ministries letter.

In other action:

• The board voted unanimously to back JoAnne Wilson as the Michigan Association of School Boards Region 6 representative.