Andres joins Ontwa-Edwardsburg police force

Published 7:49 am Friday, February 26, 2016

The Ontwa Township-Edwardsburg Police Department Swore in a new officer Feb. 8.

Phillip Andres joined the Ontwa Township-Edwardsburg Police Department Feb. 8. (Submitted photo)

Phillip Andres joined the Ontwa Township-Edwardsburg Police Department Feb. 8. (Submitted photo)

Phillip Andres, who grew up in Grand Rapids, attended the police academy through Grand Rapids Community College in 2012. He was hired by the City of Newago and Grant City in 2013.

He worked for two years in Carson City as a field training officer and supervisor under the chief.

When the opportunity arose to join the Ontwa Township-Edwardsburg Police Department as a full-time officer, Andres applied and was hired.

“I am finally able to make that full-time position and really get involved in my career,” he said.

Andres had learned a lot about the community in a short period of time.

“It is a small town, a quiet town much like Carson,” he said. “But there is a lot to do here. Back in Carson City I had one square mile to work with. Over here, obviously you patrol the city and the township and that is 23 square miles. It is a lot bigger, so I have had to adapt to that a little bit. But I love it.

“I have gotten good vibes from the community already. It is very friendly and very forthcoming. They are not shy about talking to the police.”

Ontwa Township-Edwardsburg Police Chief Tim Kozal was pleased to find an officer with Andres’ experience.

“He has put himself through a lot of training,” Kozal said. “He is very energetic to be the best that he can be in law enforcement. He is also a firefighter and has medical training. I think he is a great hire.”

Because Andres is ahead of the curve in the experience department, it will allow Kozal to continue on with the department’s plans to hire a fifth officer.

“We want to have that fifth officer to supplement us during those peak times,” he said.